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Three-Piece Dogbone
Snaffle Bit

Three-Piece Dogbone Snaffle Bit
Three-piece mouth with 3/8" inlaid copper bars. 1-1/2" copper wrapped dogbone center. This is a nice mouthpiece to reach the outside pressure points of the bars and, being a three-piece mouthpiece, allows for tongue relief. Has inlaid copper bars. 8" long cavalry cheek with a 2-1/2" purchase.

#6442   $69.99
light severity

Copper Wrapped
Correction Bit

Low Square Correction
Good lateral and collection functions.
2" high port, copper wrapped bars
with mullen relief. 8" long calvary
check with a 2 1/2" purchase.
Medium severity

#6440   $69.99
medium severity

Two-piece copper inlaid mouth. Mouthpiece tapers to the center and has slightly flattened mullen relief bars allowing slightly more tongue relief than most two-piece mouths. Has a Cavalry (CAL) check which is an 8" long cavalry cheek with a 2-1/2" purchase.

#6432   $69.99
medium severity

Billy Allen Type Mouth
Billy Allen Type Mouth
Two bar pieces of the mouthpiece are connected by a barrel-type hinge in the center. Has a slight amouth of break allowing lift on one side at a time. It also applies tongue pressure and has copper inlaid bars.

#6433   $69.99
medium to strong severity

Low Square Correction
With Copper Wrap

Low Square Correction With Copper Wrap
Three-piece copper inlaid mouth with good mullen relief. Low square port provides less tongue relief than regular correction port. 8" cavalry cheek with a 2-1/2" purchase.

#6431   $69.99









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