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Spur Straps

*****All Spur Straps Are Now Up To 60% Off Our Regular Price*****


Basic Latigo
Spur Straps-Youth

#4713      $5.99
Now         $2.99

 Basic Latigo
Spur Straps-Ladies

#4714      $5.99
Now         $3.99

Cowboy Spur Strap

Basket stamped, latigo
lined, and sewn edges
with stainless steel

#4052       $49.00
Now         $15.95

Clover Leaf Spur Strap

5/8" single ply, basket
weave stamped. Extra long.
Nickel plated buckles.

#4728 $24.95
Now $17.45

Spur Strap

5/8" single ply and stitched, roller buckes.

#4725      $5.99
Now         $4.99

5/8" Spur Strap

Rawhide lacing and
stainless steel buckle.
Hand edged & rubbed.

#4051     $36.00
Now       $15.95








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