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Paul Ammerman Custom Saddles

Paul Ammerman and Willard Rope Co. have teamed up to bring you one of the finest custom saddles available at an affordable price. One look at these saddles and there is no doubt about the time and workmanship that goes into each saddle. All of our saddles are built on our exclusive Balance Bar tree which include features such as Pressure Relief BarTips and pressure resistance full length of the bars that slowly contour and flatten in perfect balance. All of our saddles are proudly made in the USA!
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Paul  Ammerman Special Cactus Flower Roper


 #7030D Cactus Flower Roper
Built on a TM tree with our exclusive Balance Bars
. Any style horn, seat length & cantel height. Completely hand-tooled with Cactus Flower design and dyed background. Black Ostrich seven eight seat. SS spots on entire saddle. Fully tooled hand-made roper stirrups. Rigging can be full double or seven-eights position. Completely hand-made one at a time in the USA. 


        #7042  Oak Leaf / Basket Stamped Roper 
Built on a TM tree with our exclusive Balance Bars. Any style horn, seat length & cantel height. Fully tooled with oak leaf & spider stamp design. Black suede seat and black hand covered and tooled stirrups. Full double or seven-eights rigging.

Paul  Ammerman  Oak  Leaf/Spider Stamped Roper 

Paul Ammerman Cactus Flower Elite





 #7044 Cactus Flower Elite

The light-colored roughout on the seat jockey and stirrup fenders really stand out on this one. I-beam border throughout and hand-tooled with our popular cactus flower design.








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All of Our Saddles Proudly  Made In The  USA!


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