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Willard Poly Calf Ropes

This is our most popular calf rope. They are treated and cured for months to get that feel that calf ropers demand. They are not affected by weather conditions and require minimal care. They also come untreated in white only, but treated ropes are by far our most popular.



***After being unavailable for over 10 years, we now have back in stock our "Original" 3 strand poly calf ropes!***
See below to order these much sought after calf ropes

Longer lengths available by special order ($1.50 extra per foot).
Left-handed ropes available in 9.5 through 10.25 in white only for $5.00 more.
Length: 28'
The 7.0 kid's poly comes in Gold, Red, Blue, Green & Red,White, & Blue. All others are gold or white except for the 11.0 which only comes in white.
We also make a 4-Strand calf rope. Check them out

Poly Calf Ropes

Size Price How
Color LH $5 more (white only)


7.0 $20.50  
8.75 $35.00  
9.5 $37.00    9.5  LH-White       $42.00  
10.0 $37.00   10.0 LH-White      $42.00  
10.25 $37.00   10.25 LH-White      $42.00    
10.5 $38.00    
10.75 $38.00    







"Original" Poly Calf Ropes

Size Price How Many
9.5 $42.00
10.0 $42.00
10.25 $43.00
10.5 $43.00


****Also check out our 4-strand calf ropes!****

NOTE: When ordering please enter a Quantity for order to be placed!

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