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Willard's Black Tail Goat String



2013 CNFR Goat Tying World Champion
Jordan Thurston-Miller with another great
tie using
Willard's Black TailTM Goat Strings


#1050 Piggin String Key Chain

#1050 Authentic Piggin String Key Chain





Willard's Black TailTM Goat Strings
These strings are manufactured by Willard Rope Company. They are made from 100% nylon.
Colors: White, violet, neon pink, neon orange, & neon green.
Colors are $10.95

2-Ply White   $9.95    56"             Qty   

3-Ply White $9.95      56"             Qty  

3-Ply Corriente White $11.95   56" Qty  

2-Ply Violet  $10.95     56" Qty      

3-Ply Violet  $10.95      56" Qty     

3-Ply Corriente  Violet  $12.95   56" Qty      


#1011 Goat Tubes










Protect your goat strings and keep them ready to go!
Constructed of durable PVC pipe that is hand sanded, cleaned,
primed then painted the color of your choice.

Available in Red, Navy, Black, Hunter Green, Teal, Platinum, Turquoise,
Purple, Maroon, White, Neon Green, Neon Orange, & Neon Pink!

  $26.95       Qty            

NOTE: When ordering please enter a Quantity for order to be placed. 


Specialty Glitter Goat String Tubes.

Available in Gold, Royal Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Teal & Platinum.


Check Out Our New Calf String Tubes Here!  


Neon Color Goat Strings  


                       2-Ply  $10.95     56" Qty    

                           3-Ply   $10.95   56" Qty  

           3-Ply Corriente   $12.95   56" Qty   

NOTE: When ordering please enter a Quantity for order to be placed.




Willard's Boy's Goat Strings
3-Ply with eye. 5 1/2' long. Available in White & Violet
and in Neon Pink, Neon Orange, or Neon Green.

                                             White: $13.00    Qty:   

              Violet Strings:  $14.00    Qty:       

Neon in Pink, Orange, or Green:  $14.00   Qty:     

NOTE: When ordering please enter a Quantity for order to be placed .




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